035: Saints Who Battled Satan (and Won)! with Dr. Paul Thigpen

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catholic_FINAL_150Light the blessed candles, grab your crucifix, and find your biggest bottle of holy water.

My guest today on the Art of Catholic is author Dr. Paul Thigpen and our topic is spiritual warfare. In particular, we’re discussing his really fascinating book titled “Saints Who Battled Satan: 17 Holy Warriors Who Can Teach You How To Fight The Good Fight and Vanquish Your Ancient Enemy.

And I’m gonna tell you right now, this is no typical saint book. It’s pretty wild.

“Who is Paul Thigpen”, you ask?

He’s the editor of TAN Books and the best-selling author, co-author or compSebastiano_Ricci_058iler of forty-five titles. Among his most popular books are The Burden: A Warning of Things to Come and The Rapture Trap: A Catholic Response to End Times Fever.

Paul is a convert to the Catholic faith and has served the Church as an award-winning journalist, historian, apologist, catechist, and member of the National Advisory Council of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. His work has been translated into twelve languages (including Canadian).

And he’s an expeuntitled-1_1rt in spiritual warfare.

This episode is not meant to be sensationalistic. But that doesn’t mean the hair on the back of your neck won’t stand up from time to time. As St. Paul declares in Ephesians 6:12, “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

Satan is real. He wants to kill you. We must learn to fight. Who better to learn from than the saints who have battled and won?



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  1. This Saturday I will be joining the Catholic Church , it has been one hard long road. I owe some of that thankfullness too Scott Hahn and the rest of you but I will not get into those particular mystical experiences as I have learned too call them. But I would like too share this one since it is related too this article. If you think Satan isn’t pro-active just as much today as during the days of the early church then you better think again.
    I was at a bar in Harvey, LA when a young man approach me. This was before Saint Michael’s — how should I say it–persuasion to get me too quit drinking. Any ways, this young man Said he wanted too show me something. Then immediately we was both standing next too heavenly and this bright radiant white light was so powerful as too shake my spirit as if it was going too break into a million pieces and the young man said too me, that is why I turned against him.
    Want too guess who that really nice fellow was?

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