033: Boom!! Brant Pitre Totally Crushes Gospel Skeptics (Part 2)

by Matthew Leonard
by Matthew Leonard
The Art of Catholic with Matthew Leonard

catholic_FINAL_150Your eyes were opened…and that’s a good thing.

If you listened to Part 1 of my discussion with the renowned author and speaker Dr. Brant Pitre (BrantPitre.com), not only were you probably incensed by the attacks of skeptics on the Gospels, you were heartened by Brant’s destruction of their arguments.

The truth of the matter is that we can trust in the origin of the Gospels. We can trust that Christ is who he says he is.

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In Part 2 of our interview, our discussion based around his new book51rewhC6EDL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_ The Case for Jesus: The Biblical and Historical Evidence for Christ includes the following:

  • When the Gospels were written and why it matters
  • How do we explain apparent differences or discrepancies in the Gospels?
  •  Why Jesus knew exactly who he was…God (though Gospel critics say otherwise)
  • The incredible connection between Jesus and the Old Testament book of Daniel (and how the Angel Gabriel plays into all this)
  • The real reason Jesus was sentenced to death by the Jewish leaders
  • Why the first Christians believed in the resurrection (including photothe role of Jonah and the Whale…what?)

All of this and more showing how reasonable and rational the Christian faith actually is! Just like the first part, this is an episode every Catholic needs to hear!



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5 Responses

  1. Great interview. Thanks too both of you for the strengthening of my faith. This is delicious food for my soul and it rejoices much while listening too this. May the Mother of God ask her Son for special graces for both of you. And oh yeah, let’s throw Scott Hahn in there too!

  2. Hi Matthew, Thanks to your podcast, I went ahead and bought the Case for Jesus and read it. What is your advice on studying books that adhere to the dating of the New Testament books to after the fall of Jerusalem? I have two books, one of them is ‘How to read the New Testament’ by the late Fr. Etienne Charpentier. These books also disagree about authorship. For example, they hold that the Gospel of John was probably written by St. John’s disciples based on what he taught them. Is it still ok to use these resources to understand the Bible?

    1. Hi Ashwith. My advice in general is to stick with publishers that adhere to a more traditional approach to Catholicism (e.g. Emmaus Road Publishers and their academic imprint, Ignatius Press, etc…). There are several series out there for Scripture study that are very good. One of them is the Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture from Baker Academic. Baker isn’t a Catholic publisher, but this is a great series with great authors. God bless!

      1. Thanks a ton Matthew, God bless! I do also have the Ignatius study Bible which I do use primarily for the New Testament (can’t wait for the release of the OT!). I do use that as my primary source for understanding the New Testament.

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