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catholic_FINAL_150Admit it. Just like everybody else, your 2016 New Year’s resolutions are already in the toidy. (That’s a technical term.)

And for most of us,  those resolutions dealt with habits we’ve acquired and want to get rid of like smoking, drinking, or Jazzercise. Then there are those virtuous habits we want to acquire.

Virtuous habits will get their own podcast at a later date. Since most of us remain in the “I’ve got to stop this or it’s going to kill me!” or “I’m tired of confessing this same thing over and over” mode, I want to give you 5 key ideas to help you overcome sinful habits so you can spiritually grow and rocket your way to God.


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  1. o my….Matthew….you hit the nail on the head for my life. the verses you quoted were verses God has given me (recently) to keep satan and his tactics out! to not just cut it off but also to throw it away. He also spoke the verse of the devils coming back if i do not replace the old with new. i also kept letting him (satan) back into my life through a certain someone feeling sorry for this so called ‘friend’ until the Lord showed me satan was behind all this. Jesus rebuked peter (‘get thee behind me satan)….rather the spirit behind Peter’s interest. i wasn’t feeling sorry for this person as much as for satan! i also hate my constant complaining and talking not good things behind others back. have you read the book ‘one thousand gifts’ by ann voskamp? well this book spoke volumes to me as i need to replace the old with new. to start living in the moment….seeing God in the moment…being thankful. i do not know if i expressed my self well here or not…..but the bottom line is that all you said is exactly what God is speaking to me right now! thank you! i cried when i heard your talk! and o yes….prayer…..has to be #1. ….and good/godly company…..YES

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