011: Born Fundamentalist, Born Again Catholic – David Currie

by Matthew Leonard
by Matthew Leonard
The Art of Catholic with Matthew Leonard

catholic_FINAL_150Paul got knocked off his high horse (maybe).

Augustine heard a voice say “take and read.”

David Currie got a catalog. The Lord moves us to conversion in mysterious ways.

If you’re thinking “a catalog doesn’t seem like the most interesting of manners in which to convert”, you’re wrong. I love this conversion story. I mean, how many convert stories have you heard where a guy who really, really wants to become Catholic is refused entry?

And David Currie is not only the author of some very popular books (e.g. Rapture: The End Time Error That Leaves The Bible Behind and Born Fundamentalist, Born Again Catholic), he is one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met.


This man loves the Catholic faith like few others. You can literally hear it in his voice.

So sit back and enjoy the beautiful, heartfelt, often humorous journey of one man (and his family) into the arms of Mother Church.

God bless!


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3 Responses

  1. Thank you for this podcast! I really related to many of the things you and David commented on. It brouht back memories from my own Fundamentalist upbringing. You guys were talking about the Thief in the Night movie, and I had not previously know what it was called but as soon as you said something about the guillotine I knew that was the movie that had scarred me as a young child. That prospect of facing that disturbed me for years. I really don’t remember anything else from the movie just that. Anyway, I also related to the comments about not going to movies or dances. I don’t recall ever being told this, but in my own mind, I feel like we were brought up with a false idea that we could remain sinless by following those strict rules. I felt so bad when one of my friends father got “caught” smoking cigerettes. You would have thought he had left his faith behind to this horrible behavior. I’m sure it was all meant in the sincerest beliefs, but how misguided that is to me now as a Catholic convert. I know there is so much to learn still, but I thank God for bringing me into His Church and the fullness of Truth!

    1. So glad the show has helped you out, Angela! Thanks for sharing your experience. I know a lot of people have exactly the same things you describe. God bless you!

  2. David’s book blessed me immensely. It was the book that God used to kickstart my journey to the Church. Bless you David and thank you.

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