004: Is Your Charity Actually Hurting The Poor?

Picture of by Matthew Leonard
by Matthew Leonard

catholic_FINAL_150Did you know that check you just wrote to your favorite charity may actually be hurting the very people you’re trying to help?

It’s true!

How is that possible? In quite a few ways, actually. In fact, certain kinds of aid can actually devastate them.

In the 4th episode of The Art of Catholic podcast, I interview Michael Matheson Miller from the Acton Institute about the harm that can actually come from some of the forms of charity with which we’ve grown familiar.

Odds are this episode will totally change your view (and actions) regarding foreign aid.

God bless!


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4 Responses

  1. Thank you Jesus for blessing us with Matthew Leonard, he is so precious that words cannot describe. Continue to bless this “awesome” man of God.
    We love you!
    Robert & Geri

  2. This is a great podcast both this one specifically and in general. I’m working my way through your podcast library. I have caught parts of many on Covenant Radio as I drive around town but needed to go through them systematically.

    This particular podcast addresses a lot of relevant but seldom discussed issues. As usual in the Catholic life this is a both-and not an either-or. When encountered with questions of should I be helping this person, it is seldom easy to figure out what is the best way because we do not have that kind of insight into their life. We are supposed to feed the hungry and cloth the naked…. Obviously there are going to be times where these things are used for things that may not be as advertised. That is not on the giver/helper. We are asked to be generous and do this with God’s love. I agree that teaching a man to fish is the most generous thing that we can do, but it is not always something that we can facilitate in an encounter.

    I will be sure to try to find the Poverty Inc Movie. Facilitating the ability for people to actually support themselves and/or their families rather than having them need to be supported seems to have been culled from many. I am not sure why that is? I do know a good many people though who require help but would do anything to be able to stand on their own two feet. It is not always possible. I know a person who recently was released from prison after a significant time and is minimally literate. He cannot find a job or any way to support himself. I was thinking about this walking out of my house this AM before I even listened to this. I may need to beat the bushes to try and help him find some work.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Ron. Yes, it’s a complicated issue and yet very necessary to ponder as we try to live up to the admonitions of Our Lord in Sacred Scripture. Michael Miller did a great job with Poverty, Inc. and I think it will be eye-opening for you. God bless you!

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