003: 30 Days With Teresa of Avila

catholic_FINAL_150Can you think of anyone better? I don’t think so.

Teresa of Avila is one of greatest spiritual theologians in the history of the Church. In fact, this 16th century Spanish mystic is the “Doctor of Prayer”. Join Matthew as he talks with Dr. Anthony Lilles about the spiritual legacy of this dynamite Carmelite nun on her 500th anniversary.

But this episode isn’t all history. Not even close. The spiritual life is meant to be practiced! And nobody is more practical than St. Teresa of Avila. So listen up and be transformed!

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002: You Say You Want A Revolution?

with Mike Aquilina

catholic_FINAL_150Remember that old Beatles lyric: “You say you want a revolution?”

There are a lot of people feeling that way these days. Join Matthew as he interviews the incredibly prolific, Mike Aquilina.

Along with Jim Papandrea, Mike wrote a book called Seven Revolutions: How Christianity Changed the World and Can Change It Again. As you can see from the title, this isn’t just an exploration of the past. It’s a prescription for the future of our Church, society, and the world. Matthew dives into Mike’s deep well of knowledge about the early Church, and much, much more.