086: Dr. Brant Pitre Blows Your Mind on Mary

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by Matthew Leonard
The Art of Catholic with Matthew Leonard

I’ve got ten bucks that says you’ve never heard a lot of this stuff.

When I was coming into the Church 20 years ago, I struggled mightily with the Virgin Mary. Partly, it was because I couldn’t find Marian doctrine and devotion in Sacred Scripture.

I was blind.

Eventually, I came to realize how deeply Mary is woven into the fabric of the sacred text once you know how to really read the Bible.

But Brant Pitre just blew my mind on a few things I’d never heard.

(That’s saying something given the fact that I’ve produced an entire series on Our Lady.)

You’re going to love this.





So sit back and enjoy a wide-ranging, but pinpoint discussion on some incredible truths about Mary that will make you marvel at the handiwork of God.

Among other things we discuss:

  • The deep connection between Israel’s Ark of the Covenant and Mary
  • How the Book of Numbers provides evidence of Mary’s Perpetual Virginity and why Joseph was abstinent…so cool!
  • Scriptural proof that Mary could’ve easily made a vow of virginity (as the Church Fathers teach)
  • How the Collyridians (you’ve heard of them, right?) prove Catholics aren’t Marian idolaters
  • Why John calls himself the “beloved disciple” and how it relates to Mary

This is one of the best interviews I’ve ever had on the Art of Catholic. Don’t miss it!

God bless!


32 Responses

  1. That was truly fascinating …I did not know about the virginal vows. Under Jewish law..when you die care of the mother goes to your natural brother…so again she was a virgin. The beloved being an archetype and she becomes the mother of the church is truly spectacular to contemplate.k

    1. I know, right!! There’s still so much to be unpacked in Scripture about Mary and her relationship to Christ. God bless!

  2. So good! Keep on being the Lord’s instrument of the New evangelization. Great interview with Mr Pitre. Looking forward to hear more Mr Leonard. Thank you!

  3. I have watched The Bible and the Virgin Mary twice, which was incredibly enriching, but still gained new insights from this podcast. The more I learn, the more amazed I am at the depth of scripture and Catholic teaching. Thank you for this and for honoring Mary.

    1. Amen to that, Susan. Mary is a mystery we have yet to fully unpack…and she is awesome! God bless you!

  4. Wonderful deep commentary on Our Lady. As a Lay Carmelite my devotion to Christ through Our Lady of Mount Carmel forms my soul. Your review and exegesis of Holy Scripture is my meditation today.
    God bless you both,

  5. Love, love, love this show with Brant Pitre! Such beautiful enriching information on Mary our Mother! All of your podcasts are fantastic and I look forward to listening!

  6. Matthew,
    What you and Brant did in episode 86 was wonderful. All of it! Whether you were having a great laugh over “Vanna White’s crown,” or taking deeply meaningful dives into Numbers, Maccabees, or Roman Law, it was wonderful. So much so that I’m using it with my Confirma-tion sponsee to deepen his grasp on his faith. Work like this just has to spread. Make sure Brant is thanked, too.
    Lawrence McGowan

    1. Thx, Lawrence! I appreciate the encouragement. God bless you and please keep us in your prayers.

  7. This commentary with Dr. Brant Pitre was fantastic. I’m a new Catholic falling in love with Catholicism more and more every day. Thank you, Matthew, and may God continue to bless this invaluable ministry.

  8. Finally, I’ve gotten the answers to those difficult questions about our Mother Mary that my non-catholic friends keep throwing at me. Thank you so much

  9. By far my favorite podcast I’ve ever listened to. This particular episode has changed my entire outlook of Mary. I have literally been telling every Catholic I know about the rationalization against the worship of Mary I learned from this. I was never content with the answer “well we don’t worship Mary, we honor her” but this has given me a wonderful way to explain it to my students and family that is clear and understandable. Thank you so much for your ministry. Please know that you are changing lives!

    1. That’s high praise, Ellen! Thanks! I appreciate the encouragement and love that we could help you help others understand Mary more clearly. Ave Maria!

  10. I am a non-Roman follower of Christ who teaches as an adjunct to the theology faculty of Immaculata University. This particular podcast discussion of the Mother of Jesus presented Marian theology in a delightfully discerning way which I found helpfully informative. Although I am still unpersuaded concerning Roman Catholic Marian practice, I do appreciate your faithfulness in how you approach Scripture for exegetical purposes.

    1. Thanks, Craig. It was through Scripture that I found myself in Mary’s arms. It’s all right there. God bless you!

  11. Do you ever have transcripts of your podcasts? I have a very difficult time “staying with it” without something to read along with. I am definitely not an auditory learner.

    1. No, Karen. I don’t normally make transcripts of my podcasts as I don’t have the time and/or resources to do so (since I produce the show myself). Perhaps in the future I’ll be able to do so. We’ll see. God bless!

  12. I really trust Jesus. But sometimes blasphemous thoughts coming inside my mind . I really feel guilty and sad. Then I pray to God for forgiveness. But how to face it. Thanks

    1. Blasphemous thoughts are not a sin in and of themselves. Sometimes they are placed by demons, sometimes they are the result of the garbage we put into our minds. Sometimes, who knows? What’s sinful is dwelling on them. So when they come into your mind, just expel them as soon as you are aware of them and you’re fine. God bless!

      1. Thank you sir. First time in my life I feel it. But I never meant like that. Even I fail tough situations in my life. I didn’t swear a word. Whatever wrong life happen in my I blame myself only. But those thoughts are tormenting sir really it is like hell. Thank you for your kind words. Praise the lord.

      2. Thank you sir. Those thoughts tormenting me and many times keep on flashing. But in name Jesus. I hope in LORD.

  13. You have indicated that before you came home to the Catholic Church you were a Calvinist. What can you say about the Protestant theology of “double Predestination” of which I have just learned. I understand that God gave us Free Will, but it is a horrible thought that, before the foundation of the world our Creator would predestine some for Hell. How do I answer those who claim that that belief is biblical? It can’t be. It would mean that God created sin and death!
    Thank you.

  14. Have you heard of St. Louis de Montfort’s Total Consecration to Mary? It consists of “giving one’s self entirely and as a SLAVE to Mary.” This seems to cross the line, wouldn’t you agree?

    1. Yes, I’m very aware of it. While it unnerved me a bit as I was coming into the Church many years ago, now I understand it. I don’t think it crosses the line at all. (Not that it really matters what I think as he’s a saint and I’m not:). It’s just a kind of archaic language which we no longer use. Once you understand what he’s actually teaching, it makes total sense. God bless and Ave Maria!

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