023: How To Explain the Immaculate Conception from the Bible

catholic_FINAL_150You may love Mary, but can you explain the Immaculate Conception? Better yet, can you explain it from the pages of the Bible?

The dogma that Mary was preserved from the moment of her conception from the effects of Original Sin is one of the most important, yet misunderstood Catholic teachings. Many Catholics, not to mention Protestants, don’t realize the vital role played by this dogma, much less understand that the roots of the Immaculate Conception are deep in Sacred Scripture.

It’s totally in there.

So this episode of The Art of Catholic is all about beginning to illuminate how the Mother of God is part of the divine thread that God has woven into the fabric of salvation history. How the biblical role she plays in the drama of our salvation actually demands the dogma of the Immaculate Conception.JTS_DVDset Product Shot

We’ll also see how Our Lady’s first “appearance” in the opening book of the Bible (Genesis), helps make sense of some of the crazy stuff in the last book of the Bible (Revelation). In other words, Mary’s role helps shed light on traditionally difficult passages.

So let’s get started!


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