019: The Kenosis Of Christ As Model For Us…What?

catholic_FINAL_150The entire Catholic faith boils down to one thing – be like Christ. That’s the point of prayer and the purpose of the sacraments. It’s the whole enchilada.

And if you want to know what it means to be like Christ, look no further than Philippians 2. The opening verses of St. Paul’s letter to the Church at Philippi are the key to unlocking his inner life; the self-sacrificial, self-emptying, life-giving love of of Jesus Christ.

Of course, St. Paul wasn’t alone in his discussion of the incredible, loving humility of Our Lord. Another beautiful description is given by St. Leo the Great. These days they’re joined by theologians with lots of letters after their names who call this self-emptying of Christ kenosis. 

I just call it hard.

In this episode of The Art of Catholic, we’ll go through this important and beautiful passage of Scripture, showing how it provides the foundation for the way we are supposed to live.

God bless!


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